Modular Timber Houses

We build your house from conception to completion

Our Scope of Work

Timberliving (Pty) Ltd offers you a one-stop solution, from the initial sketches and concept through to the completed delivery of your timber building project. With 20 years’ experience in the building industry, we specialise in environmental timber frame construction while combining sustainable architecture and eco-friendly building materials with a trendsetting green design approach.


We design your timber house from the first sketches to the final hand-over.

Timberliving - Timber house


We build fast-setup eco-friendly timber houses with German craftsmanship.


We do all types of woodwork with expert precision and an eye for details

Timberliving - Timber house

Why choose a timber house?


Build your home in a long-lasting, sustainable material that is better for you and better for the environment.

Living Atmosphere

Natural material will give a pleasant, comfortable sense of living and a healthy environment.

Energy Efficient

Cool in summer, warm in winter! The excellent thermal performance of a timber house leaves you with less energy consumption for heating and cooling, and will easily meet the new energy usage regulations for new buildings in South Africa (SANS 10400-XA).


A timber house is easily extendible and alterable in case space requirements, or lifestyle, change over time. Façade covering can be done in various materials such as timber, metal, face brick, plaster, or other.

How does it work?

Pre-manufactured modules

A timber house can be built as a pre-manufactured modular structure,
and assembled on-site quickly and easily.

Flexible system

The flexible and extendible system allows for additions or changes
should you require more space in the future.

As a very light-weight structure,
our system is the perfect solution for adding another storey to your existing house,
a cottage to your garden, or placing a holiday home in a remote location.

Timberliving - Timber House Construction
Timberliving - Architecture


We accompany you through the architectural work phases and beyond,
whether you are looking for a custom-designed new building
or a comfortable extension to your existing home.

Our design approach is to implement energy-efficient planning and sustainable building methods, combined with our clients’ unique ideas for their very own living space.