Timber frame construction combines traditional building techniques with modern architecture. The bracing of the structure is carried out by premanufactured wall, floor and roof panels that are put together floor by floor and enable a very time efficient site construction.

This type of static system allows for a generous open floor plan. Contemporary residential houses, schools, leisure facilities or museums, buildings of any size can be manufactured in timber due to state of the art CADesign, carefully chosen materials and professional craftmanship.

As a light weight structure it is well suitable for alterations and additions to existing buildings.

The cavity in the panels is fully filled with insulation which results in a very good heat insulation factor and contributes to a high energy efficiency of the building. Your house is gently cool in summer and pleasant warm in winter, with less active heating or air conditioning.

The timber panels allow for all types of wall covering interior or exterior. From timber cladding, over painted plasterboards or even face bricks. Whatever cladding you prefer, the superstructure in timber will always give you a natural room feeling and a healthy, eco-friendly living atmosphere.
So whether you are considering a simple cabin or holiday home, a double storey house or a commercial or school building, we can provide the perfect solution. All buildings that we supply are designed and built to comply fully with any relevant South African Building Regulation. You can be confident that with a timber construction you will also be choosing to make a real ‘eco’ building.